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Wobbly Chook Brewing

Updated: Oct 5, 2023

Discover the clucken great beers of Wobbly Chook Brewing in Yamba, Australia's top coastal town. Crafted with love and enjoyed in the heart of Yamba.

Wobbly Chook Brewing Co commenced operation in July 2021, Due to covid Yamba Backpacker Beach Resort was forced to evolve or dissolve and with this the Chook was formed.

We have combined the love of beer and the love of the local area to craft what we believe is some of Australia’s best tasting beers.

The name Wobbly Chook came about after our father Chook (Steven Henwood) was spotted walking back from a session with his mates that left him a little Wobbly.

We have incorporated and amazing brewery, restaurant, and accommodation all in the heart of Yamba NSW. Yamba Is famous for its pristine beaches, delicious prawns and now its great tasting beers.


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